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     The Madera Cup Company is a small family owned business based in Silver City New Mexico. Brian Warner started the company after branching out of  Goodly Woods to start his own business. It started from a genuine love of woodwork and turned into a full blown business. Early on Brian partnered with Kenny Jason  and his wife Michelle who handle sales while Brian concentrates on production. Kenny and Michelle have been with the company from the beginning and have helped cultivated the company into what it is today.   

      Our main bread and butter  is a unique drinking vessel crafted by the company owner, Brian Warner. Each one is individually designed from combinations of exotic and domestic hardwoods that are hand selected and taken through an extraordinary process to become the stunning product  you see today. This mug is a sustainable object of art that will last you for years and comes with a lifetime warranty and service agreement. We believe that your drink is important.

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Frequently Asked Question
  • Absolutely!  The cups are coated inside and out with a clear resin lining.  The coating covers your entire cup and protects the wood from whatever you’re drinking.

  • Yes indeed. Hot coffee, tea…

  • Unfortunately, these cups are not dishwasher or microwave safe.  Microwaving or machine-washing your cup could cause damage to it.  This damage would not be covered under my warranty.( we can put a link to your warranty if you want to)

  • You should wash your cup by hand using warm, soapy water.  Avoid using the rough side of the sponge when washing because that could dull the finish.

  • The cups require no special care.  Just fill it up with your favorite beverage, drink, hand wash, and repeat.

  • Most of my cups come with a lifetime warranty against leaking. (The exception being my Travel Mugs which are covered by a 1-year warranty).  If something goes wrong with your cup, all you have to do is let me know and I will fix it.  You can read the specifics of the warranty here. (we can put a link to your warranty here)

  • If you dropped the cup (or sat on it or ran over it with a car or put it in a dishwasher), I can usually fix it up for you.  Because these issues fall outside the warranty, there will be small fee for the repair.  The fee depends on the damage, but rarely costs more than $30.00.  If you need a repair, simply contact me and we’ll take care of it.

  • We use a food-grade, FDA compliant (21CFR 175.300) epoxy resin (plastic) to completely encapsulate our wooden drinking vessels. This is a proprietary resin that has been formulated to meet our unique needs. You will not get flavor from the resin lining, nor the wood beneath. Nothing you drink will soak into the lining or the wood.

  • No, not at this time.

  • Unfortunately, as we are able to sell all of our products in person at our fairs, there is not enough stock at this time to make  online sales.

Contact us

     Oh No your cup is leaking!  Our mugs have proven over time to be long lasting and durable, but occasionally need service work.. If your cup breaks on its own within the first 3 years of purchase we will fix it for free.  Most leaks are caused by accidents or abuse. No worries I can usually fix these as well for a small fee. (usually around 25 dollars). We understand that your mug is an important to you and we will do our best to get it back to you ASAP, however depending on the time of year or severity of the break it could take up to 6 to 8 weeks to turn around..  

     Please email maderacupcop@gemail.com to set up the particulars.

(note that all service will require the customer to pay 10 dollars for return shipping)